Dr. Lin Tang

Dr. Lin Tang is passionate about helping researchers like Dr. Wee Yong to achieve their goals of bringing therapeutic options to patients. She received her Ph.D. in molecular biology and her postdoctoral training in stem cell biology at the University of Calgary. Before founding AnthoBio, she worked at the Office of Vice President (Research) at UCalgary and Innovate Calgary. Dr. Tang brings to AnthoBio her experience in technology commercialization, industry partnership, project management, and intellectual property management. Lin is a fellow of the Life Sciences Fellowship, which made the launch of AnthoBio possible.

Lin is passionate about helping people in need of support and care. She volunteered at Alberta Children’s Hospital where she helped children cope with stress and anxiety through the Art Therapy program and at Bethany Calgary Long-Term Care Centre, where she provided companion care for the wheelchair-bound elderly.   

Lin is also passionate about providing mentorship to students to help them gain valuable work experience and explore career opportunities. Her interest in science communications led to a collaboration with Jay Ingram in his book Fatal Flaws, a book about prions, protein misfolding, and neurodegenerative diseases.