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Neuronal Injury and Loss in MS

Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic, inflammatory disease that causes damage to nerve cells (neurons) in the brain and the spinal cord. Prolonged damage results in the loss of axons (very important parts of neurons) and neurons. We call this loss, neurodegeneration.

Neurodegeneration begins early in MS and continues with disease progression, leading to an increasing level of disability.

Iron Can Lead to Damage

Abnormal iron deposition in the brain of MS patients causes oxidative stress and contributes to neurodegeneration. This is known as iron neurotoxicity.

Here’s What We Know

Available disease-modifying therapies (DMTs) dampen inflammation, but do not directly work on neurodegeneration. Therefore, they are not adequate on their own to modify the progression of disability.

DMTs have limitations. They may not work for everyone, may have unbearable side effects, and may not be accessible or affordable for some people.

For people living with MS, one of the unmet needs is to prevent or slow down neurodegeneration to slow down clinical progression.

Our Research

We have extracted natural compounds from safe-to-consume plants. The extracts protect neurons against iron neurotoxicity in a laboratory setting. The DMTs, such as Gilenya and Tecfidera, fail to render protection against iron when we compare them side by side with our extracts.

In a laboratory setting, the plant extracts protect animals against disabling brain damage.


Product Development

We are excited to harness the potential of plant extracts as a natural and complementary therapy for people living with MS.

We are developing the extracts into a natural dietary supplement (also known as a natural health product in Canada) available for you.

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